Completions and Commissioning

MO was primarily formed to deliver commissioning services however as time has shown many projects lack the early planning to facilitate construction schedules that allow early staged commissioning and early handover in a structured and timely manner.This has required MO to focus more at an earlier project stage to setup the project with systems or procedures that capture user requirements and technical perfomance parameters in the commissioining planning stage.  This drives construction and procurement to deliver the desired outcomes for commissioning sooner and meet client expectations with proven plant performance sooner.

Activities include:

MO's start-up experience has grown from many years in commissioning in the manufacturing, utilities and process industries. As facilities have become more complex and the level of technology and automation become more sophisticated the management of commissioning requires a more holistic facility wide approach. Commissioning is now more often driven by the control system requirements and by providing this as the main driver will result in the successful commissioning and startup of a plant.