MO Consultants comprises of a team of like minded engineers and managers focused on delivering improved performance, whether within an operational facility or in delivering greenfields or brownfields projects.

MO works on the simple philosophy that if the up front planning and design is undertaken with the end user requirements in mind and a delivery plan clearly laid out then all projects can be rolled out with confidence. The effort required to achieve this is dependant on the size and complexity of the project and the technology proposed. More complex and technologically advanced projects or fast track projects require a higher degree of planning, co-ordination and testing prior to site implementation.

This same philosophy can be applied to existing facilities such that plant upgrades are cut-in with the minimum of interruption to existing operations.

MO’s aim is to maximise the returns whether it be increased throughput, higher recoveries, reduced operating costs or improved team performance. MO brings together many years of experience that cover a diverse range of industries from oil refineries to manufacturing. If you have a complex task or project to deliver – it is likely MO can help.